How to Know the Holy Spirit is Talking to You

12 Aug How to Know the Holy Spirit is Talking to You

How to Know the Holy Spirit is Talking to You

The Bible tells us multiple times that the Holy Spirit is “the Helper.” There are many roles of the Holy Spirit but everything He does is direct help from God. If you want some practical ways of How the Holy Spirit Speaks to us read the blog post, 14 Ways to Hear God’s Voice in Business, it’s not an all-inclusive list by any means but a good start.

Now we cannot put God in a box and make Him into some kind of formula to figure out or be understood. But what I have found is some consistent characteristics of God’s voice and what the voice of the enemy or what my flesh sounds like. This table below will help you discern the Holy Spirit’s voice.  Know that God will confirm His voice to you and you will more often than not having a knowing inside of you that it is God speaking. We are made in God’s image but at the same time unique so God may speak to you differently than he does to me or someone else. The important thing is that you can know when the Holy Spirit is talking to you.

Knowing God’s voice is 110% vital for the Christ Centered Entrepreneur. There are often times that Holy Spirit leads you to do certain things or make decisions that don’t 100% make sense to our own logic and natural reasoning. So here are some distinctions you can use to help recognize and discern God’s voice in your life and business.

How do You Know When the Holy Spirit is Talking to You

Voice of the Holy Spirit

Voice of the Enemy or Myself







Voice is filled with peace, even if it doesn’t make perfect sense.

Voice is filled with stress, worry, or anxiety

Trust that the Lord knows your needs and will direct you to solutions

Feels like you’re running out of time, money, & resources. Almost feels like your pouring water into a bucket with holes in it

Decisions are made after seeking God’s direction and listening for the Holy Spirit’s voice

Decisions are made rashly

Can have peace while outside the comfort zone because you have “the comforter”

Can be outside of the comfort zone and still be filled with fear and/or anxiety

Actions are motivated by God’s desires. He places burdens on your heart for people groups, problems to be solved, and messages to be shared.

Actions are motivated by a sense of fear, dread, pride/ego, or scarcity

Motivated by a desire to serve, love, give, empower, uplift, solve problems, bring aid.

Selfish ambition, greed, excess, domination, status, are motivators

Money is a by-product

Money is the Primary Objective

Confident peace of God’s control

Desire to control people, process, & outcome

Desires to see God and others exalted

Desires to exalt SELF

True Freedom and peace through a relationship with God

False Freedom and peace in possessions, finances, & pride

Peace in the presence of conflict/adversity

Peace ONLY in the absence of conflict, adversity, or need

Is satisfied in lean times and during plenty

Always wants more, never fully satisfied or content

Work is Worship unto God & lead by the Holy Spirit

Work is toil and ONLY a necessity

Still Not Sure When the Holy Spirit is Talking to You?


One thing I love about God is His grace. While we do our best to follow His direction and voice we won’t get it right 100% of the time. I believe God sees that and still honors our efforts. Do your best to move forward with what you believe God is saying to you. Use the first 4 points of the chart above as a quick test. It is also helpful to ask another mature believer in business; there is wisdom there.

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers, they succeed. - Proverbs 15:22

Growing in your giftings and discerning of His voice is something that will get easier and you’ll become quicker to recognize His voice as you continuously seek AND read the Bible. Not because you earn it or qualify or something like that, but simply because you learn more of what He sounds like and what God’s character is like through His book.

So even if you aren’t sure if it’s Him, take your best faith-filled step forward and trust that God’s grace is sufficient even when we make mistakes. Either way, it is a win-win, so don’t allow fear & doubt in. If you can’t find peace yet, wait and pray for God’s surpassing peace again and then move forward whenever that comes. Again, this is not a formula but just some patterns I have noticed in my own walk with the Lord in regards to the Holy Spirit’s voice in business. Remember, working with God requires steps of Faith and you can’t experience what is is like to work with Him unless you respond and take action on what you believe God’s leading is.

“Why Can’t I Hear the Holy Spirit?”


At times I have found myself frustrated when it seems like God isn’t leading or directing my steps. While intellectually I know He is always with me and leading because the Bible says, “ the steps of a righteous man are ordered” and “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

So here is what I have found to be true for me when it seems I can’t hear the Holy Spirit’s voice. Here are the steps I take.

  1. What is the last thing God spoke to me about? Did I respond to that? Take action on that? Sometimes God has already spoken to you and we forget the instruction he has given us.
  2. God already spoke and gave direction. Sometimes I don’t always like what I think God is saying to me. A few years ago I kept praying for direction for the business and how to increase my profits. God wouldn’t answer my requests for business success and the only thing I felt like he was directing me on was to change my diet, hire a nutritionist, and start swimming. Long story short swimming was the main exercise that restored a herniated disc I had long term pain with, I was eating wrong for my body type and my excess weight was further hurting my back condition. What I realized was that God cares more about me than he does the success of my business. I found out that he wanted me to be a good steward of my body, my temple of the Holy Spirit. If my body and health are not in decent shape I won’t have the strength and energy I need to carry out the Holy Spirit’s direction. Despite my desire to be in business and work with God, he loves us all too much to give us a job we can’t do because our own health is not wear it needs to be.
  3. God usually gives 1 step at a time. I have found that God sometimes gives me a big overall vision/picture. However, on how to execute it I usually only see/hear 1 step at a time. I think this is to keep me in a place of dependence on Him. If God gives us all the steps at once it would be easy and tempting for me to try and run and accomplish the vision without relying on Him as much. The Bible calls us “co-laborers” which means we are supposed to work together. Jesus only did what His Father in Heaven did and did nothing by himself (John 5:19)
  4. Ask God to speak to you again. God is good and gracious and if you can’t hear Him or remember what he spoke last to you simply ask for guidance and a reminder. One of the roles of the Holy Spirit is specifically to remind us all that God speaks to us. I regularly try to journal down what God is speaking to me. “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.” – John 14:26 ESV
  5. Too Many Competing Voices & Distractions. The Bible tells us that nothing can remove us from the Love of God in the Book of Romans. Sometimes I believe we have too many of the wrong voices, people, and influences going into our minds that it can be difficult to recognize Him. There is a reason that God tells us to, “be still and know that I am God.” Remove distractions like social media, or tv, or whatever you feel is competing too much with God and taking up too much of your time. If work is competing with your time going to God, where can you delegate, let go, and give tasks to others that would create more time for you to find peace in your relationship with God?
  6. Press into God. The Bible tells us that, “blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they will be filled.” – Mathew 5:6. The Bible tells us also to ask, seek, and knock in Mathew 7:7-8, which is basically an encouraging promise to us that we will hear and find God when we persist in reaching out to him.


I think it most often seems like God isn’t speaking to us because it’s not what we want to hear, we are trying to go too fast, or we don’t have an answer to our situation in the timing that we want the answer to. The truth is that God desires us to spend time with Him and know His voice more than we can imagine. He is looking for people who are want to be lead by His spirit and are those that worship in spirit and in truth. – John 4:24

Do you experience some of these ways of recognizing the Holy Spirit’s voice? Leave a comment below and tell us more!

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Rev. Ron Gelok III, MBA


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